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Ofie’s Crafts

Several people have asked if we can set up a donation mechanism for this project. We are lucky enough not to need any resources, but we hope to use your generosity to help some of our community partners.

Ofie is a 90+ year old woman who has lived in El Paso and Juarez for her whole life. For the last forty years she has lived in a colonia called Socorro, where she and her husband built their own home before any semblance of a neighborhood existed. Now she lives there alone, takes care of the house and garden and makes crafts. Well, that’s actually an understatement: Ofie’s house is filled with crafts she made or knit herself, mostly from recycled materials.

When we were visiting her a nurse dropped by and said that she has helped Ofie to sell some of her crafts locally. She also mentioned that Ofie is low on resources, and any extra income she can get from her crafts is very welcome.

Ofie with her handiwork (suggested donation $15-$20)

We told Ofie that we would ask our friends and families if they would like to buy some of her crafts, and offered to take care of the transactions and to send the items. She gave us a few intricate knit pieces that can be used as decoration for a table or mantle ( some of them are shown below). She didn’t give us a firm price for any of the pieces, so we inserted a suggested donation amount. These pieces are absolutely beautiful, intricate, and unique, and all of the money goes directly to Ofie.

If you are interested, please email us at and donate securely through PayPal:

Some of her items:

Large Item: Suggested Donation $20-$25

Small Items: Suggested Donation $10-$15

Medium-Sized Items: Suggested Donation $15-20

Large Item: Suggested Donation $20-$25

If you are interested in

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  1. David Moynahan permalink
    July 12, 2010 8:13 pm

    Wow. Cool stuff! I could make a donation. How?

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